Budgeting Worksheet: Sample budget to get started

Today I read a really great post from another blogger about their budgeting experiences and journey. In her story, the writer mentioned that one thing that helped was finding an old budget sheet to track expenses. I mentioned this idea in an earlier post as well but reading it from another person today made me think it might be a good idea to clean up my budget worksheet to share with anyone who may need a copy to jump start their budgeting journey.

This worksheet does not cover every category but I tried to think of the top items that a person might want to track. Please feel free to share in the comment section of this blog any categories that might be useful to add to a budget worksheet.

This week, in my usual Tuesday budget post, I will be talking about micro transactions. I look forward to continuing the conversation at that time. Okay, at this time the conversation is a bit one-sided 🙂

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