Business Travel: Aberdeen Maryland

It’s Sunday, why is my alarm going off on a SUNDAY!!! Oh yea, I have to travel to Aberdeen Maryland today.  One of the things that you should know about me is that I am not a morning person and I hate to wake up early, especially on the weekend. But today is a travel day so I have no choice but to get out of bed much earlier than I want and get on the road.  

One of the things about traveling for a living is we have to be in place and ready to go during the customers normal business hours. This means that I often travel on weekends. If I am lucky when I get done with my trip I might get some comp time to make up for two missed weekends.

The trip today is not too bad, I am able to get to the training location for a recon by 2pm. Once again, we are in a location that is far from any lunch places. There is Subway about 3 miles away and that is it. Now I know I will need to bring lunch.

 The early arrival gives me time to check the facility and identify any issued I will have to solve before the class starts tomorrow. For this trip I knew of some challenges before I left the office on Friday so a plan is already in place. The computers work, the sound works, the internet kind of works, and the students will be able to see the projector even from the back of the room. If only I knew where the class posters were delivered all would be well. On a Sunday there is limited staff so I do not get an answer. This means I will have to arrive extra early tomorrow. /Sigh an early wake up two days in a row.

Recon done, now it is time to check into the hotel. The team is staying at the Homewood Suites, which is one of my favorite hotel brands. This particular location turns out to be very well maintained. About 6 years ago a coworker stayed here for business. It is nice to see that the hotel is still as nice and clean as it was back then.

It is clear from the moment I walk into my room that the hotel has been updated fairly recently. The kitchen is clean and modern, the room is clean and spacious, and I love the dark gray carpet. The stock photos on the web page show gold and brown, but my room has a nice new carpet. It is the small things.

Love the grey carpet 🙂

After checking in, off I go to the local grocery store to stock up the refrigerator. Because of the recon I know that I at least need some lunch stuff. This week promises to be long so dinner stuff is a good idea too.

It is now after 6pm and I still have lesson plans to work on and materials to prepare for class. I need to send out the welcome message and class materials. I don’t know why but my boss freaks out if we send the welcome letter out before Sunday evening. When I am done with all my tasks, it is almost time to wind down and go to bed.

Today was all about traveling, recon the site, setting up for the week, getting groceries, and unpacking.  Aberdeen is a cute town that has a very small-town feel. But today was busy so I did not get to see much of it. There also some other small towns around, like Havre de Grace, that have some nice local restaurants. If I get lucky, I might have some time to check out some of the local stuff before I have to leave at the end of the week. 

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