Business Travel: First day teaching in Aberdeen….It was a long one.

Today was a typical day for a business traveler, it started with the best laid plans to get my work done and maybe check out a local attraction, or at least a local restaurant. The reality is, today was so long and exhausting that once all my work was done it was already dark and I had no energy left to explore.

Today started early; if you read my post yesterday you might recall that our class posters were lost in transit so my class is not fully set up. I am hoping to correct the issue first thing and have a smooth day teaching. LOL, I do not know why I hope these things because of course that would be too easy. No big deal, I can recover and move on with the class without the visual aids. This is not the easiest way to teach, but it can be done.

At the end of class we still have an internal meeting to attend, paperwork to be done, and other associated admin tasks. Our 15 min meeting takes an hour. This time of year 45 min makes a difference regarding whether or not there will be daylight to see a local attraction. Today is not my day.

The hotel I am staying at offers a evening social with some snacks so that can be dinner if I want. Today the provided food is salad and some bread with two kinds of dip. I decide to get a recommendation from the hotel staff for dinner rather than eat the free food. Just not in the mood for light snacks. The young lady at the desk recommends Pat’s Select, a pizza place.

The restaurant is a chain but not a huge one, they have less than 20 total locations and this one is locally owned, I count this as eating local. If you are ever in Aberdeen and in the mood for pizza, pasta, or subs this is a good place to go. The food is good, the service friendly, and the portion sizes good for the price. I have enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

Upside for today: the breakfast at the hotel tasted good and was filling. This allowed me to have a light lunch and a moderate dinner. From a budgeting perspective, I totally saved money today. Not only was I able to make the best use of my food allowance, I also did not have to pay any commuting expenses. WIN!

Today all I really got to see was the hotel and the inside of a classroom. Normal business travel kind of day. In reality working on the road is not much different than going to the same office every day. At the end of a Monday at home I am just as tired after teaching all day. If I were home I would not have gone out to see my local city. The real difference is I get paid a bit more when traveling for business than I do when going to the office. The location may change, but the routine is the same.

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