Niagara Falls: Business Travel Adjacent

The next business trip is a few weeks away, so in the mean time I figured I would share some photos from previous trips. Over the summer the company sent a team to Upstate New York for 3 weeks. We were lucky that the business trip had a holiday weekend in the middle, meaning I had a 3 day weekend to explore the local area. Niagara Falls was about 3 hours away. Using hotel points, I booked a room on the Canadian side of the border and then spent a day exploring the national park on the American side of the border.

Saturday morning dawns bright and sunny, with a mild temperature. It is the perfect weather to be outside…not to hot or cold. The thing to know about being near that much water is that in the parking lot area you may be hot, but on the path next to the water it is cold. Bring a light jacket.

On the path at the top of the falls visitors can get very near the falls. The roar of the water is not only heard but felt. Thousands of gallons of water rushes by each second. A force of nature that cannot truly be described, it has to be experienced to really understand what it feel like.

The fun part is going down the falls to the decked area where you can walk next to and in the water. You pay for a ticket at the top of the falls, they give you a pair of sandals and put your shoes in a cubby. Visitors also receive a plastic jacket to protect your clothing from getting to wet. When ready, visitors will get on the elevator to the bottom of the falls.

Once out on the deck, you get up close to the water and walk right up next to the rocks with water rushing past. You are so close to the water that on some parts of the deck the water is gushing right over your feet. To me this is one of the coolest parts of the day. For some reason I am obsessed with touching and playing in rivers and waterfalls.

Cool fact, there is so much water rushing in and around the deck that the park rebuilds the deck each year. Visitors get to take their time walking around the deck and go back up the elevator at their own pace.

Another fun activity when visiting the national park is the boat ride that takes you right to the base of the falls. When you are right at the base of the falls you can feel the power of the water rushing by. The boat rocks as the ship pilot goes as close as safely possible then does a 180 degree turn. The whole trip take about 30 min but was worth the price of admission.

The rest of our day was spent exploring the rest of the park, having a picnic next to the water and just enjoying a day off. Early afternoon comes and it is time to drive back to the business trip area. This was one of the time a business trip allowed me to feel like I had a bit of a vacation in the middle of work.

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